AngelVision Technologies

What it does: AngelVision produces three-minute videos, many of which are created from a collection of still images and narrated by professional actors. The videos can be used in e-mails, on websites, and at trade shows, among other places.

The cost: Prices start at $18,000 (or $9,800 for first-time customers).


What it does: Veodia's virtual studio allows companies to broadcast videos, both live and prerecorded. Videos can be broadcast instantaneously to websites and mobile devices or converted into podcasts.

The cost: Subscriptions--which include a bundle of storage space and streamed viewer minutes--are currently being sold on a case-by-case basis; comprehensive pricing information will be released soon.


What it does: HelloWorld is a social network with a virtual studio where users conduct live streaming webcasts, send video e-mails, and group chat with video IM.

The cost: A basic subscription starts at $9.95 a month. HelloWorld's parent company, DigitalFX (AMEX:DXN), also plans to roll out a business-only service called FirstStream, which will allow business users to broadcast videos using their own domain names; that service will start at $69 a month.


What it does: WebEx offers a Web-based conferencing system that lets users share documents, make presentations, and communicate, via video or audio, with people all over the world.

The cost: Basic service starts at $39 a month, or 33 cents a minute.

Engage Media

What it does: Creates online corporate videos, including interactive ones that allow viewers to choose whether they want to learn more about a given product or service.

The cost: Regular videos start around $5,000; interactive ones start at $8,000.

Onstream Media

What it does: Onstream's (NASDAQ:ONSM) technology helps companies broadcast and manage video and audio online. Customizable video webcasting services are also available--they'll even set you up with a professional camera crew.

The cost: Video management services are available à la carte and by subscription; subscription prices start at $150 a month. Video webcasting starts around $1,500 per broadcast.