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Power Plays

We sussed out the favorite songs of politicians, artists, athletes, and moguls to see what Pandora would serve up for them. Here's what we found.

Classic Rock

Hillary Clinton
Senator, New York

The seed: "Take It to the Limit," the Eagles

The genome analysis: Acoustic rhythm piano, a clear focus on recording studio production, repetitive melodic phrasing, extensive vamping

Pandora's playlist:
"Evil Woman" Electric Light Orchestra
"I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy" Paul Jones
"Border Song," Elton John
"Waltz #1," Elliott Smith


Woody Allen
Director and screenwriter

The seed: "Blue Horizon," Sidney Bechet

The genome analysis: Blues influences, leisurely tempo, blues song form, lazy swing groove, strong melodies

Pandora's playlist:
"Like Home," Erroll Garner
"Pete's Blues," Pete Johnson
"Slow Blues Ensemble," Duke Ellington
"Rasheed," Yusef Lateef
"Blue Monk," Kenny Davern


Jerry Rice
NFL star

The seed: "Throw Some D's," Rich Boy

The genome analysis: Southern rap roots, a bumpin' kick sound, thin orchestration, slow-moving bass line, dry recording sound, cash-obsessed lyrics

Pandora's playlist:
"Trap Star," Young Jeezy
"It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," Three 6 Mafia
"Patron," Yung Joc
"Move Around," B.G.

Indie Rock

Drew Barrymore

The seed: "Rabbit Fur Coat," Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

The genome analysis: Acoustic sonority, extensive vamping, major key tonality, acoustic guitar pickin'

Pandora's playlist:
"Heatseeker's Safety Den" Jana Hunter
"Leaving Cheyenne," Ramblin' Jack Elliott
"Throw Me a Rope," KT Tunstall
"Marrow," Ani DiFranco

Psychedelic Rock

Paul Allen
Co-founder, Microsoft; chairman and founder, Vulcan

The seed: "Are You Experienced?" Jimi Hendrix

The genome analysis: Electric guitar solo, dynamic male vocalist, electric rock instrumentation

Pandora's playlist:
"The Bomber," Joe Walsh
"If 6 Was 9," Jimi Hendrix
"The Wanton Song" Led Zeppelin
"The Dog Presides" Paul Jones


Oprah Winfrey
Talk-show host

The seed: "Graceland," Paul Simon

The genome analysis: Major key tonality, prominent percussion, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation

Pandora's playlist:
"I Don't Care," Peter's Faces
"Totally Nude," Talking Heads
"Panic in Detroit," David Bowie
"Surprise, Surprise" The Rolling Stones
"Interstellar Soul," T. Rex


George W. Bush

The seed: "Wake Up, Little Susie," the Everly Brothers

The genome analysis: Rock-and-roll roots, acoustic sonority, paired vocal harmony, major key tonality, acoustic rhythm guitars

Pandora's playlist:
"I'll Do It Every Time" Johnny Horton
"All Summer Long" The Beach Boys
"Charlie Brown," Buck Owens
"Uncle Tom," Dick Curless


Jerry Bruckheimer
Movie producer

The seed: "Remember When," Alan Jackson

The genome analysis: Country roots, subtle use of vocal harmonies, slide/pedal steel guitars, demanding instrumental part writing

Pandora's playlist:
"In This Life," Collin Raye
"When You Come Back to Me Again," Garth Brooks
"A Few Questions," Clay Walker
"My Wish," Rascal Flatts


Michael Bloomberg
Mayor, New York City

The seed: "Respect," Aretha Franklin

The genome analysis: Classic soul qualities, acoustic rhythm piano, major key tonality, call and answer vocal harmony (antiphony), gospel influences, blues influences

Pandora's playlist:
"Ride Your Pony," Betty Harris
"That's Enough," Ray Charles
"See Saw," Aretha Franklin
"Security," Etta James

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