Classic Rock

Hillary Clinton
Senator, New York

The seed: "Take It to the Limit," the Eagles

The genome analysis: Acoustic rhythm piano, a clear focus on recording studio production, repetitive melodic phrasing, extensive vamping

Pandora's playlist:
"Evil Woman" Electric Light Orchestra
"I've Been a Bad, Bad Boy" Paul Jones
"Border Song," Elton John
"Waltz #1," Elliott Smith


Woody Allen
Director and screenwriter

The seed: "Blue Horizon," Sidney Bechet

The genome analysis: Blues influences, leisurely tempo, blues song form, lazy swing groove, strong melodies

Pandora's playlist:
"Like Home," Erroll Garner
"Pete's Blues," Pete Johnson
"Slow Blues Ensemble," Duke Ellington
"Rasheed," Yusef Lateef
"Blue Monk," Kenny Davern


Jerry Rice
NFL star

The seed: "Throw Some D's," Rich Boy

The genome analysis: Southern rap roots, a bumpin' kick sound, thin orchestration, slow-moving bass line, dry recording sound, cash-obsessed lyrics

Pandora's playlist:
"Trap Star," Young Jeezy
"It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp," Three 6 Mafia
"Patron," Yung Joc
"Move Around," B.G.

Indie Rock

Drew Barrymore

The seed: "Rabbit Fur Coat," Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

The genome analysis: Acoustic sonority, extensive vamping, major key tonality, acoustic guitar pickin'

Pandora's playlist:
"Heatseeker's Safety Den" Jana Hunter
"Leaving Cheyenne," Ramblin' Jack Elliott
"Throw Me a Rope," KT Tunstall
"Marrow," Ani DiFranco

Psychedelic Rock

Paul Allen
Co-founder, Microsoft; chairman and founder, Vulcan

The seed: "Are You Experienced?" Jimi Hendrix

The genome analysis: Electric guitar solo, dynamic male vocalist, electric rock instrumentation

Pandora's playlist:
"The Bomber," Joe Walsh
"If 6 Was 9," Jimi Hendrix
"The Wanton Song" Led Zeppelin
"The Dog Presides" Paul Jones


Oprah Winfrey
Talk-show host

The seed: "Graceland," Paul Simon

The genome analysis: Major key tonality, prominent percussion, mixed acoustic and electric instrumentation

Pandora's playlist:
"I Don't Care," Peter's Faces
"Totally Nude," Talking Heads
"Panic in Detroit," David Bowie
"Surprise, Surprise" The Rolling Stones
"Interstellar Soul," T. Rex


George W. Bush

The seed: "Wake Up, Little Susie," the Everly Brothers

The genome analysis: Rock-and-roll roots, acoustic sonority, paired vocal harmony, major key tonality, acoustic rhythm guitars

Pandora's playlist:
"I'll Do It Every Time" Johnny Horton
"All Summer Long" The Beach Boys
"Charlie Brown," Buck Owens
"Uncle Tom," Dick Curless


Jerry Bruckheimer
Movie producer

The seed: "Remember When," Alan Jackson

The genome analysis: Country roots, subtle use of vocal harmonies, slide/pedal steel guitars, demanding instrumental part writing

Pandora's playlist:
"In This Life," Collin Raye
"When You Come Back to Me Again," Garth Brooks
"A Few Questions," Clay Walker
"My Wish," Rascal Flatts


Michael Bloomberg
Mayor, New York City

The seed: "Respect," Aretha Franklin

The genome analysis: Classic soul qualities, acoustic rhythm piano, major key tonality, call and answer vocal harmony (antiphony), gospel influences, blues influences

Pandora's playlist:
"Ride Your Pony," Betty Harris
"That's Enough," Ray Charles
"See Saw," Aretha Franklin
"Security," Etta James