1. Cook a four-course gourmet meal
    Your team arrives at a pristine kitchen and has two hours to prepare a gourmet meal. Food and place settings are hidden, so a scavenger hunt precedes the food prep. The course is led by Organizational Wide Leadership Solutions, a Bozeman, Montana, consultancy.

  2. Change a tire
    In the average NASCAR pit stop, a crew of seven takes between 13 and 15 seconds to change all four tires and gas up the car. In this program, conducted by Duke University, your team learns to do the same.

  3. Solve a kidnapping
    In this program, created by Action Days, a British consulting firm, a business consultant storms into your office and kidnaps a staff member, leaving a ransom note. Your group divides into teams to plot the rescue.

  4. Survive a nuclear winter
    A nuclear bomb has been dropped and you're at the office. A radiation-free shelter is available, but it can accommodate only six people, and your team includes 20. Decide who lives and who dies, and discuss. Countless variations on these scenarios (a plane crash, lost at sea, etc.) can be downloaded for free from Wilderdom.com, a Web portal about education and other issues at