When Darren Dahl met John Anton to report this month’s Case Study, Anton was in the midst of drastically revamping his business from T-shirts to software. “It seemed to me kind of a classic Inc. story,” says Dahl. “Here’s a guy who’s been selling T-shirts since he was in college. He created a successful business, and then, when faced with adversity, he somehow found the gumption to start a new business out of that.” Dahl, a contributing editor for the magazine, lives in Asheville, North Carolina.

Why do tech people prefer to work in the dark? Adam Bluestein explores the mysteries of the strange land known as the IT department in “Understanding Geeks” (here). “Geeks are like vampires,” Bluestein advises. “They hate the ligh--so let tech people set up their space exactly the way they want it.” Based in Burlington, Vermont, Bluestein writes frequently for Inc. on workplace culture.

A longtime resident of New York City, Raimund Koch has little use for or interest in cars, and so he was surprised to find himself impressed with Tesla Motors, Elon Musk’s electric-sports-car company, which he photographed for this month’s cover story (here). Koch also shot Musk’s sleek rockets and climbed a thin, rickety ladder to shoot solar panels being installed on a rooftop. Fortunately, he’s not afraid of heights. Koch’s photographs have also appeared in Wired, Paper, and House & Garden.

Leigh Buchanan would rather not say how many Xanaxes she took to make it through the 20-hour flight to South Africa for “The Believer,” her story about how two young American entrepreneurs are helping black South African winemakers get their products on U.S. shelves (here). One thing about post-apartheid South Africa, Buchanan found, is that “no one ever forgets the past. They just concentrate on not repeating it.”

Inc. reporter Sarah Goldstein writes this month about entrepreneurs who host their own radio and television shows. “There’s such a glut of channels today and so many ways to broadcast your message. If you’ve got an idea, chances are there’s an audience for it,” says Goldstein (who does not yet have her own show). She also co-wrote the end-of-year quiz (here).