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The Believer
The Harvard M.B.A., the Fortune 500 experience, the connections that come with both--those are just some of the reasons Selena Cuffe can pretty much write her own ticket. So why has she focused her talents on helping black winemakers in South Africa get their products to the American market?

How I Did It: Mel Zuckerman, Chairman, Canyon Ranch
In midlife, Mel Zuckerman was an overweight homebuilder. Then, a trip to a Spartan fat farm changed everything. He got his health back and went on to transform the fitness and spa industry with his posh Canyon Ranch retreats.

Advice & Strategies

Manufacturing in the Middle Kingdom
How to build a product in China without recalls, defects, missed deadlines...

Putting an End to End-of-Year Reviews
Performance assessment can be more than 30 minutes of uncomfortable conversation followed by a raise.

Everybody Wants to Save the World
But when you start a charity overseas, good intentions often go awry

MyPunchbowl is Aiming to Knock Evite Off Its Party-Planning Pedestal

Sales + Marketing
You Are On the Air
Radio and TV producers are looking for shows starring smart CEOs.

Deskside Story
As the latest buzzword suggests, PR firms are happy to drop by.

Understanding Geeks
A field guide to your tech staff.

Clicks for Cash
Earning more from your website.

Case Study
To Sell or Not To Sell?
In November 2006, we wrote about the lucrative offer Gary Delman received. But did he really want to sell his company to a private equity firm?

Ask Inc.
Managing and Real Estate
How to coax a retiring executive to pass on her vast knowledge. Plus, setting up a New York satellite office on the cheap and the found of Zingerman's on hiring employees who will mesh with your company's culture.


In Memoriam
The notable entrepreneurs who died in 2007 helped to shape some of the major trends in business in the past 50 years, from the rise of socially responsible business to the advent of quality manufacturing.

The Entrepreneurial Year That Was
The subprime mortgage meltdown. Extinction-threatening climate change. Presidential debates with fields of candidates larger than your high school graduating class. Ah, good times. Good times. The world of entrepreneurship was not without its misty-watercolored memories in 2007. How many can you recall?

Your Cold Calling?
Business for Sale: A recreational outfitter in northern New England for $6.185 million.


Norm Brodsky
Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts
Street Smarts: Do You Really Know Your Problems
Entrepreneurs have a tendency to see what they want to see

Joel Spolsky
Joel Spolsky

How Hard Could It Be?
Adventures in Software Demo’ing
Why I decided to take my product to 34 cities, from L.A. to Amsterdam.

Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis

Guest Speaker
Understanding the Economy
People worry that a recession is coming. But by the time one arrives, most economic harm has already happened.

Leigh Buchanan
Leigh Buchanan

The Office
After You
It's December, which means gift baskets in the office, which means people are going to get a little weird. Do everyone a favor and be the exception to the rule.

The Inc. Life

Things They Can't Live Without
Five young entrepreneurs share a few of their favorite things--and what’s on their holiday wish lists.

Views & Opinions

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