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Cover Story

A Digital Makeover for the Modeling Business
How Ford Models became the hottest thing on YouTube.


The New Basics of Marketing
What you need to know about: websites, email, mobile phones, social networks, viral video, blogging.

His Way
In which Chris Reed, the founder of a soda company, undertakes an initial public offering -- his way. What can go wrong does. What should go right doesn't. Five painful years pass. As the man himself says, "You have to work hard to create that much trouble."

How I Did It: George Naddaff
From Spit 'n' Shine Boy To Boston Chicken and Beyond.

Paradise Lost
How had it come to this? Reell Precision Manufacturing was supposed to be a different kind of company. For years, it thrived, leading its industry, generating profits, and surviving tough times without a single layoff. But now, losing money, torn by accusations and lawsuits, the company is fighting for its life.

Advice & Strategies

I'll Be Back
For entrepreneurs, retirement doesn't mean forever.

Protecting Company Secrets
More business owners are forcing their new hires to sign noncompetes. Should you?

Do-Gooder Finance
How a new crop of investors is helping social entrepreneurs.

Steve Meginniss Helped Reinvent the Toothbrush. Can He Do the Same Thing for Wheels?

What Seems to Be the Problem?
Self service gets a tune-up.

Remote Control
Working from wherever.

Case Study's Founders Thought a Weeklong Event Would Raise the Company's Profile and Boost Growth
Instead, it almost killed their business.

Ask Inc.
The CEO of a consulting company asks how he can train his sales staff.

Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes: Companies at the Heart of Everyday Life
Nashville International Airport 12.07.07, 1:45 p.m.


Don't complain to Inc. 500 CEOs that the economy may be hitting the skids. Where others see danger lurking, this bunch sees opportunity.

Soldiering On to Remake the SBA
Steven Preston has his work cut out for him.

Being Al Gore
Entrepreneurs offer advice to the veep-cum-venture capitalist.

A Counter Offer
Business for Sale: A New England-based kitchen and patio furnishings online retailer priced at $9.9 million


Norm Brodsky
Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts
You Do What?
"I import dirt he said. And if he can keep his focus, it just might work.

Joel Spolsky
Joel Spolsky

How Hard Could It Be?
Inspired Misfires
Why the most important innovations are often those that appear to be fatally flawed.

Leigh Buchanan
Leigh Buchanan

The Office
Like a Book
Not long ago, a friend suffering from old gray mare syndrome (fear of being put out to professional pasture) was telling me about a new hire at her company.

The Inc. Life

Things I Can't Live Without: Lavetta Willis
Every entrepreneur has a dream. Lavetta Willis says hers is to avoid speaking to anyone for 10 days.

My Place: Mark McGarrah's Modern Cliff House
The co-founder of an Austin ad agency salvaged pine beams from his office space to brighten his kitchen.

Gear: Taking Home Theater to the Next Level
With this Web-ready home theater equipment, you can download tearjerkers and action flicks to watch from the comfort of your sofa.

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