In late December we received news that Ken Hendricks, the 66-year-old founder and owner of ABC Supply and Inc.'s 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year, had died in an accident. Though we knew him mostly in the way journalists get to know their subjects--through a writer's eye--we thought of Ken as one of ours. Perhaps some of you felt the same way.

We pay tribute to Ken in this issue on our new back page, an obituary column we're calling Legacy. Editor-at-large Leigh Buchanan, who wrote the former back page column, The Office, will continue to own this space, lending her intelligence and flair with words to what we hope will become a favorite destination for Inc.'s readers. For the most part, Legacy will detail the lives of famous entrepreneurs. But we also intend to include histories of men and women who have achieved success out of the limelight.

I'd also like to draw your attention to this month's The Way I Work, about Howard Lefkowitz, the CEO of I've always wondered what it would be like to run a business in a city built solely on the concept of gambling and having fun. I'm happy to say that now I know. Check it out for yourself on page 102.

Thanks for your letters and e-mails. It's always helpful and enlightening to hear what's on your minds.