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And the Money Comes Rolling In
Markus Frind works one hour a day and brings in $10 million a year. How does he do it? He keeps things simple.


The Ultimate Business Tune-up for Times Like These
In a tough economy with credit extremely tight, big investments are not an option for most companies. Yet no business can afford to stand still. We asked our favorite entrepreneurs for the tips and tricks they have used to pilot their businesses through difficult times. The result: 23 things you can do right now to energize your employees, wow your customers, and get your business back on track

How I Did It: Ron Popeil, Ronco
He Slices and Dices, and That's Not All!


Case Study
Mighty Leaf is a Darling of Upscale Restaurants and Natural-Food Stores
Should its creators sell their luxe tea in the cutthroat world of supermarkets?

Special Financial Report
Angel Investing 2009
In a tough economy, angel investors are more cautious than ever. But it's still possible to find funding. Here's how

Behind the Scenes
Behind The Scenes: Companies at the Heart of Everyday Life
Bellagio Resort and Casino, Las Vegas 11.14.08 6:30 p.m.

Some Good Earners
Preparing prison inmates to start businesses upon their release

Data Point
A Cease-fire in the War for Talent

5 Entrepreneurs Join Congress

The Ticker

Horse Race: The Whiteboard Jungle
Schools nationwide have been replacing their blackboards with digital whiteboards. On these PC-powered systems, teachers and students can manipulate images, write out math problems, and even watch YouTube videos. Smart Technologies, based in Calgary, Alberta, sold more than 130,000 of its Smart Boards in 2008 and controls about half of the market. Here's a look at its rivals.

Blogger Logic
Cash Is King, But the King Can't Sit Idle

A Skimmer's Guide to the Latest Business Books

Business for Sale: An Audio-Book Publisher for $1.14 Million

Innovation: Companies on the Cutting Edge
Nanoparticle Powder | Kovio

The Goods
Noise Busters
The next generation of Bluetooth headsets

No Longer Untouchable
The iPhone gets some competition

Got Receipt Overload?
Here are a few cures

Things I Can't Live Without
An (almost) infinite playlist

How To: Choose the Right Legal Structure


Sales & Marketing: Training the Young Guns
A program at MIT offers a window into the minds of Gen-Y sales reps

One Company's Budget: A Nice Consistency
Organic ice cream maker PJ Madison's looks to bring discipline to its marketing

Managing: Outsourcing to Save Money?
Be careful, or your plan may backfire

Elevator Pitch: Conservative Café Wants to Take Coffee Back from Liberals
Can it raise $1 million to start franchising?

Technology: When the Forecast Calls for Clouds
Is cloud computing right for your company?

Real Estate: Educated work force? Check. Near the airport? Check.
A new way to search for the right place to set up shop

Ask Inc.: Tough questions, smart answers
Reassuring your employees in tough times


Norm Brodsky
Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts
Our Irrational Fear of Numbers
No, you didn't start a company because you wanted to learn accounting. But you had better learn some -- pronto -- if you want to understand your business.

Joel Spolsky
Joel Spolsky

How Hard Could It Be?
Thanks or No Thanks
A young employee came up with an idea that added a million dollars to our bottom line. How do we reward him for the contribution? Do we even have to?

Leigh Buchanan
Leigh Buchanan

James Benson, 1945-2008
A One-Man Space Program.

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