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Things I Can't Live Without

An (almost) infinite playlist

Jay Steinmetz is CEO of Baltimore-based Barcoding, which makes software and hardware systems that help companies track their goods. Whether he is seeking a sound system or a software program, he won't stop until he finds the perfect fit.

Ipswitch Instant Messaging

"I originally got into IM just like everybody else, first with AOL, then ICQ, and then I used Trillian to tie them all together. But I wanted something secure to use at work. The IM system from Ipswitch costs $600 a year for 50 users. It took more than a year to get everyone to use it. People worry that they are being monitored. We tell them up front that their records get saved. But we've never harassed people based on anything like that -- we've never had to. I guess I'm kind of like Ronald Reagan: 'Trust but verify."

Sonos Digital Music System

"A few years ago, my wife allowed me a significant amount of money to purchase a new sound system. I wanted something wireless. A salesman gave me a quote for a system that would run upward of $18,000 for two to three rooms. Then, somebody told me about Sonos. I was able to set it up in seven rooms for about $4,000. It literally took 10 minutes to set up, and the quality is great. The key to getting the most out of Sonos is to use it with Rhapsody. That's like having a million-song library."

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