Yes, You Can Find a Time to Meet

Picking the best time for a meeting can be frustrating, with countless e-mails shooting back and forth between organizers and attendees. Several online scheduling tools can help, including,,,, and All work roughly the same way. The organizer chooses potential times, using an online calendar. Then he or she notifies attendees, who select their most convenient times. Some of the sites allow the organizer to pick the final time; others do it automatically.

Calendar, Meet Social Networking

LuckyCal aims to make it easier for you to meet up with friends or business contacts. The free Web tool, which launched in December, integrates your work and personal calendars with those of your employees, friends, and business associates (as long as they give you permission). The main benefit could be for road-weary sales teams; LuckyCal will scan your colleagues' and clients' Outlook calendars and Facebook profiles and e-mail you when they are in your area. LuckyCal plans to charge for an enterprise version that launches later this year.