Thanks to delays and overcrowding, airports are a second home for many business travelers. If you are facing a four-hour wait, you could get a little work done. Or not.

1. Play Video Games

If you fly through Paris, take a break to play Grand Theft Auto. Charles de Gaulle has three PlayStation 3 areas and a few PlayStation 2 terminals; with any luck, you won't have to jockey with a 13-year-old for a console. Singapore's Changi airport has an entertainment area with Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

2. Get Rubbed Down

A majority of elderly mice died after experiencing the physiological equivalent of eight flights from Washington, D.C., to Paris, according to a University of Virginia study. We're just saying, you deserve a little pampering. XpresSpa offers foot massages, masks, and "gentleman's facials" at 14 airports, including Logan and Dallas -- Fort Worth.

3. Play Golf

If you are passing through Hong Kong, hit the links at the SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course. It's a free, five-minute shuttle ride away from Terminal 2.

4. Order Takeout

Travelers at JetBlue's new Terminal 5 at JFK can now enjoy a meal at the gate. Just find one of the 208 Re:vive kiosks, pull up a menu, and order. Orders take 12 minutes on average, JetBlue says, and there are tables next to every kiosk. Let's hope Re:vive escapes that "two-hour delay" curse that hits everything else coming through JFK.

5. Lounge Away

These days, even the hoi polloi can hang out in airline lounges by buying a temporary pass. The new reLAX Lounge ($25 for three hours) at the Los Angeles airport offers free Wi-Fi and snacks. Vancouver International Airport's Plaza Premium Lounge ($30 Canadian for three hours) throws in buffet meals and alcoholic drinks.