Marcie Allen Cardwell knows the value of choosing products that suit her personality. Her Nashville company, MAC Presents, matches musicians with corporate sponsors: John Mayer with BlackBerry, for example, and Keith Urban with KC Masterpiece. "It's all about finding the right fit," Cardwell says of the musicians. The same could be said of her shopping strategy.

Mirage Nano 5.0 Bookshelf Speakers

"When I was looking for speakers about a year ago, I wanted something that was well designed. But they also had to be powerful, because when I pitch clients on a new song or a new artist, the sound has to be good. I went for Klipsch's Mirage line, which is geared toward women. I love the small size."
Cost: $549 for a set of five speakers

Garmin Nuvi 200

"I don't get on an airplane without it. Driving from L.A. to San Francisco last summer as part of John Mayer's tour, I would just push a button when I got tired, and it showed all the hotels nearby. And in New York, where I don't need it for driving, I can just enter a street address where I'm meeting a client and book a nice lunch."
Cost: $199.99

Tory Burch Tote

"I generally don't get starstruck. But meeting Tory Burch, that would complete me. Her stuff just fits my personality. It's comfortable and classy but not pretentious. And the Tory Burch bag has so much room -- it holds my laptop, my Garmin, my BlackBerry, and a sweater. Sometimes I even carry another small purse inside it for when I go out."
Cost: $495