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We Asked, You Twittered

What's the best part of owning your business?

OK, the economy is really awful. So, maybe it's a good time to remind ourselves what's so great about the entrepreneurial life in the first place. On our Twitter page (, we asked what you like most about being your own boss. Here are some of the responses:

Defining success. You set the goals, and you sit on both sides of the table at the performance review.
-- Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Real Life E

Making the sale. No better feeling than seeing an overjoyed customer. -- Kendall Schoenrock, Larger Than Life Prints

Being able to inspire others: employees, clients, investors, partners. And to do so while in flip-flops. -- Mike Mothner, Wpromote

Best part is working on me. My business is me and I am my business; there is no separating us. I can work on business from bed :) -- Veronica Castro, Entiise Lingerie

I don't have to worry about being "downsized." -- Tony Darnell, WideVision

Knowing what the "long view" really is. -- Tom Sadler, The Middle River Group

The absolute absurd amount of hustle and how much knowledge you get from it.
-- Braden Douglass, Pixel Spills Design

Calling the shots, creative freedom, managing a schedule based on my life needs, being myself and getting paid for it :) -- Valerie Parizeault, Rose Flash Studio

The ability to be creative in pursuit of a creative goal -- the best antidepressant ever. -- Jeff Carter, Unison Search

Having a goal, a purpose, an income, and a destiny that's in my own hands. -- Ian Watt, Ian Watt Real Estate

Doing a video conference wearing a suit jacket and no pants. -- Justin A. Schuck, L/A Events

No one yells at you when you take a day off. -- Phyllis Pometta, Baby Swags

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