To charge all your electronic devices, you probably have to deal with more wires than a bomb squad does -- which is especially annoying when you are traveling. These tools give your gadgets a boost without weighing you down.

Good for'¦Untangling Yourself

Slated for release this fall, the Powermat charges a laptop or cell phone with magnetic induction. Simply place your device on the slim, portable Powermat, and it will handle the rest. It will come with several receivers, which you will have to install in your gadgets before the Powermat can work its magic.
Cost: About $100

Good for'¦Charging the iPhone

The FastMac iV fits snugly around an iPhone and holds enough power to charge it twice, while adding only 3.9 ounces to the weight. It has a USB port that lets you charge other electronic devices as well.
Cost: $80

Good for'¦Going Green

Voltaic's new laptop bag, called the Generator, is embedded with enough solar panels to charge a laptop. It's not compatible with all brands (including Toshiba and Sony Vaio), but one hour of sun creates enough juice to run most other models for 20 to 45 minutes. It comes with an external battery pack, so you can bring your solar charge with you and leave the bag at home.
Cost: $499

Good for'¦Traveling Light

The Powerstick by Ecosol is about the size of a candy bar and comes with nine adapters, which can plug into almost any phone or MP3 player. It contains enough power to fully charge most devices and recharges itself through a USB connection, so you may never need a wall charger again.
Cost: $60