When the first Flip camcorder was released in 2007, it wowed gadget geeks with its small size, affordability, and high-quality footage. Now, there's a spate of new ultraportable video cameras on the market. The new models up the ante with features such as high-definition recording, powerful zooms, and durability, all at a relatively low price. Shrugging off the recession? We've got something for you, too.

Flip MinoHD

This 3.3-ounce wonder is as portable and easy to use as the first Flip, with an added bonus: It can record high-definition footage. The MinoHD can store up to 60 minutes of HD video but, alas, has no slot for a memory card.
Cost: $230

Panasonic SDR-S26

This 8.9-ounce camcorder's 70X zoom lets you zero in on the action from way up in the bleachers, and Panasonic's stabilization technology minimizes shaky footage. It has a memory-card slot and a relatively large 2.7-inch screen.
Cost: $329

Kodak Zx1

At 5.2 ounces, the Zx1 is 30 percent smaller than Kodak's first ultraportable camcorder, the highly rated Zi6. The new model, scheduled for release this spring, is resistant to rain, snow, sand, and dirt. And like its predecessor, it has a memory-card slot.
Cost: $149

Sony HDR-XR500V

Sony's 1-pound, 4-ounce Handycam records in 1920 x 1080 resolution, perfect for supersize televisions, and its 120GB hard drive holds up to 48 hours of high-def goodness. Other perks include unparalleled low-light sensitivity.
Cost: $1,299