John Younger always tries to make environmentally friendly purchases. The CEO of Accolo, a recruitment outsourcing firm in Larkspur, California, even has 35 solar panels on a hill behind his house. Nor does Younger ignore the little things; even his coffee is green.

Solatube 290 DS Daylighting System

"The Solatube is basically a long, reflective tube. We cut a 14-inch hole in the kitchen ceiling and put one there. It's as bright as or brighter than a series of light bulbs."
Cost: $350 and up

Saeco Royal Coffee Bar

"We got rid of the old office coffeemaker with disposable cups. Everyone loves the new machine, and we stopped going to Starbucks so much. Plus, we can compost the grounds."
Cost: $1,800

Mimio Capture Kit

"Place the Mimio on any whiteboard; it captures what you write and downloads it to your computer. There's a fluidity and flow of ideas you can't get with anything else. It's like a big digital napkin."
Cost: $249