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The Zappos Way of Managing
How Tony Hsieh uses relentless innovation, stellar customer service, and a staff of believers to make an e-commerce juggernaut -- and one of the most blissed-out businesses in America


Why a CEO Needs to Have a Plan B: An Interview with Jack Stack
For nearly three decades, in good times and bad, Jack Stack has run his company as though disaster could strike at any moment. Now, with the economy cratering, he’s glad he did.

How I Did It: Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn

John Scharffenberger, The Tastemaker
John Scharffenberger is a crucial part of the gourmeting of America. He got his start making fine chocolate and now he plans to create an American version of Iberian ham.


Case Study
How Flocabulary, a Study-Guide Publisher, Reinvented Itself
Flocabulary burned through $50,000—and had nearly nothing to show for it. Was it time to throw in the towel?

Behind the Scenes
The Business of Molecular Gastronomy
Behind the scenes at Alinea Restaurant in Chicago, these companies supply chefs with the tools they need to master molecular gastronomy

A Recession High Note

Sales and Profit Plunge at Car Dealers
Sales and profits per employee fall at new car dealers between 2007 and 2008

Charles Jacobs Goes Inside the Entrepreneur's Brain
Leading corporate consultant, Charles Jacobs discusses how brain structure can impact business management.

The Inc. Ticker
A roundup of entrepreneurs making headlines this month, including Zappos's Tony Hsieh, Aretha Franklin, and Josh Freese of Devo

A Skimmer's Guide to the Latest Business Books

The Blue Man Group Opens a School
The founders of the Blue Man Group designed the pre-K and elementary school as an alternative to the New York school scene -- and parents are lining up.

Paul Graham’s 13 Pointers for Launching a Successful Startup

Business for Sale: A Motorcycle-Seat Manufacturer

CEO Passions: Ballroom Dancing
Promise Phelon, CEO of Upwardly Mobile, learns business strategy through ballroom dancing

The Goods
Storage Gets Smart
Four new high-tech hard drives

The Paperless Office
Two new ways to send a fax

Google, Meet GPS
TomTom's new navigation device, GO 740 LIVE, is the future of navigation technology

A New Way to Access Files Remotely
GoToMYPC and LogMeIn are tools that let you access your files from anywhere

A Laptop Bag for Every Purpose
Even speeding through security

For the Road Warrior: Portable Massage Tools

Business Travel: Green Car Rental
How to go green when renting a car

Business Travel: A Guide to Luggage Delivery Services
Have your luggage shipped instead of checking it in on your next flight

How to Get Better Mobile Reception Indoors
Tools for improving cell service at home

The Goods: Reader Reviews
Readers weigh in on products and services featured in The Goods

Baseball on your Smartphone
Watch the game on your smartphone or laptop using MLB.TV or At Bat app

Innovation: A New Kind of Metal

How to Get a Good Deal on a Lease


Managing: How to Work More Like a Start-Up
Rekindle that startup spirit with agile development

Sales & Marketing: E-Mails That Sell
Turning employee missives into ad campaigns

Sales & Marketing: Nice Meeting Your Avatar
Industry trade shows go virtual

Elevator Pitch: NovaSim
NovaSim’s software makes call centers and hospitals more efficient. Will $300,000 take it to the next level?

Loans You Pay Every Day
One firm gives loans when banks won't -- and, yes, there's a catch

Technology: Finding Freelance Programmers
Using sites like oDesk, Elance, Guru, and RentACoder to find the best developers

Ask Inc.: Mixing Business and Personal?
The founders of Preserve and Fairytale Brownies ask about the downside to doing business with friends

Jim McCann of 1-800-Flowers on Strategic Partnerships

Ask Inc.: Finding Part-Time and Independent Sales Reps
Using services like SalesTrax and other tips for hiring people for part time sales jobs


Norm Brodsky
Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts
How to Fix Cash-Flow Problems
Cash-flow problems have just a few possible causes. More often than you might think, business is all about the basics

Joel Spolsky
Joel Spolsky

How Hard Could It Be?
Why Circuit City failed, and why B&H thrives
Circuit City shouldn't blame the economy for its failure, Joel Spolsky writes. As camera retailer B&H shows, it is possible to thrive in a recession, if you treat customers well.

Meg Cadoux Hirshberg
Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

Balancing Acts
Balancing Marriage and Business
When your marriage is hitched to a business, life is one long test of allegiance

Leigh Buchanan
Leigh Buchanan

Larry H. Miller
Larry H. Miller, owner of the Utah Jazz, was driven

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