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The Paperless Office

Two new ways to send a fax

Turn your phone into a scanner could replace both your fax machine and your scanner for just $5 a month (or $30 a year). All you need is a digital camera or a phone that has a camera with autofocus and at least 2 megapixels. Snap a picture of any document, business card, or whiteboard, and upload it to scanR's website. In a few minutes, scanR turns it into a digital file. Business cards become vCards, and documents become searchable PDFs. Download, share online, or send faxes straight from your phone -- no other hardware required. We tested it with a regular camera and an iPhone; the pages looked almost as good as a document faxed the old-fashioned way.

Send it online -- for free

MyFax, the online service that lets you send and receive faxes over e-mail, now has a free version. It lets you send two faxes a day, of up to 10 pages each, without entering a credit card number or even setting up an account. Simply go to and enter your contact information, as well as the name and fax number of the person you want to contact. Then upload and send your file. The service can send Microsoft Word documents, PDFs, and files in 175 other formats.

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