Acer Timeline

Acer Timeline Acer's new laptop, which is scheduled for release this month, uses as much as a third less energy than typical notebooks. The smart AC adapter cuts back on its energy output once the computer is charged. cost: Acer estimates it will cost $699 and up.

Motorola Renew

The housing of this basic cell phone is made from recycled plastic and is 100 percent recyclable itself. Motorola offsets the carbon dioxide required to make, distribute, and operate the handset by investing in renewable energy sources and reforestation.
COST: $60

Powermonkey Explorer Solar Charger

The solar panel in this hand-held accessory lets you charge most cell phones and music players, as well as some digital cameras. After six to eight hours in direct sunlight, it contains enough juice to power a cell phone for up to 32 hours.
COST: $94

Eco Media Player

This 4GB media player requires no battery; it has a wind-up system instead. One minute of winding yields 45 minutes of music or 10 minutes of video. An adapter allows it to work as an emergency cell phone charger. Tired of winding? Plug it into your computer for an old-fashioned charge.
COST: $209