These days, it's not enough to build a good website; to reach customers online, you have to reach them on their mobile phones. Here are two free tools for adapting your site for the small screen.


This online service, which is in beta, lets you build a mobile site in just a few steps. Select one of 32 templates (which include ones for specific businesses, such as restaurants and car dealerships). Then edit the content through any Web browser and click Publish. If you don't want to use the standard-issue Web address (, you can create a custom domain name or use an existing one. Ubik will even place ads for you, if you are willing to split the revenue 50-50.


DotMobi answers the call for simplicity with its Instant Mobilizer service, which automatically reformats your site for mobile phones. You will need a special .mobi domain name (get one from Go Daddy for $8 a year), but dotMobi takes care of the rest for free. At the top of each page, your mobile site will list both your phone number (for one-click dialing) and address (with a link to Google's directions page). DotMobi's website is at