Dany Levy, founder of DailyCandy, spends two weeks a month on the road, shuttling among the 12 cities in which her company, now owned by Comcast, sends out free e-mail newsletters highlighting daily deals and hot spots. "I'm always moving a million miles an hour, so I can be a little hard on my things," says Levy. No wonder she chooses products that stand up to wear and tear.

Ebags Universal Plug Adapter Kit

"With this adapter, I never have to worry about how I will plug in my gadgets when I'm overseas. I used to have one of those travel kits with separate prongs for each country, but I always manage to lose them in hotels. This adapter gives me a way to keep it all in one place."
COST: $25

Case-mate Smart Skin

"My last BlackBerry got so dented, I couldn't even open the back panel to remove my SIM card. Luckily, I found the Case-Mate Skin in Boston's Logan Airport. I joke that it child-proofed my BlackBerry Bold. The letters on top of the rubber skin allow you to type without taking off the case."
COST: $20