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Tools That Make Password Protection Simple

RoboForm and myOneLogin keep all your passwords in one place

It's tough to remember a dozen passwords. And it's even harder if you make each one unique -- a basic rule of good security. Here are two tools that allow you to abandon passwords and use one master login instead.

For You

RoboForm stores all your login information on your computer, in a file protected by a master password. Once you log in to RoboForm, it takes one click to log in to a password-protected website. cost: $30 for unlimited passwords; free for up to 10

For Your Company

Instead of giving your employees separate passwords for each software program they use, give them all myOneLogin accounts. They can access Web-based applications such as Basecamp, Salesforce, and WebEx through myOneLogin's interface, and they don't need to know the passwords they are using to log on. It's convenient, and it has security benefits: If an employee leaves, cancel his or her myOneLogin account instead of worrying about each individual software program. cost: $3 per user per month, with discounts available for large accounts

IMAGE: Jessica Hische
Last updated: Jun 1, 2009

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