Improving cell reception

We were having a very difficult time with mobile-phone reception in the office. We purchased the Verizon Network Extender and plugged it in to our wireless router, and voilà -- we have not had any further issues with mobile-phone reception. In a world filled with a lot of gadgets with limited utility, the Network Extender was an even better acquisition than a new iPhone.

Jonathan B. Smith
Wave Dispersion Technologies
Summit, New Jersey

Generating sales online

Generating new leads is of utmost importance to us, as we are an Internet-based retailer. Answering questions on Yahoo! Answers has given us the opportunity to acquire new customers at zero cost to us. Moreover, we were surprised at how effective it was -- it had a higher click-through rate than our blog and ultimately generated more sales. These data have galvanized us into reformatting our blog content as well. Very useful, indeed.

Tim Gritzman
Marketing Director
Best Price Nutrition
Mokena, Illinois

Watching baseball games

A friend once asked me, What is the greatest thing the Internet has given you? After much thought, I answered MLB.TV! I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and became a huge Giants fan. Now, even though I live in San Antonio, I can watch the team play four to five times per week on my laptop. I am actually looking into ways to have all the televisions in my house hooked up to a computer server so that I can watch the Giants on MLB.TV on any television in my house!

Ryan Kohnen
San Antonio