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Bill Niman’s Next Move
The natural-meat pioneer strikes back with a new company, BN Ranch -- and something to prove

How I Did It: Serial Entrepreneur Richard Heckmann
Buy fearlessly, sell ruthlessly, repeat regularly. How Richard Heckmann takes struggling companies and sells them for billions

Special Financial Report: Employee Compensation
What should you pay employees in this crazy job market? A look at the new rules of compensation


Case Study
Case Study: When Your Bank Stops Lending
When Able Planet's bank pulled his $2.5 million line of credit, founder Kevin Semcken had to think fast.

Behind the Scenes
The Business of the Museum
A look at companies that helped to create a dinosaur exhibit at Pittsburgh's natural history museum

A New Electric Motorcycle Hits the Road
A start-up company named Brammo introduces the Enertia, a battery-powered motorcycle

Good Domain Names Grow Scarce
Most of the good, short words you would want for making a great domain name are already taken

Inc. Ticker: Entrepreneurs in the News
The latest news on Seventh Generation, E Ink, and Grameen Bank

Review: The Cost of Bad Behavior
In The Cost of Bad Behavior, Christine Pearson and Christine Porath argue that office incivility is contagious

Should You Hire Your Kid?
Author and entrepreneur Allen Fishman explains the perils of hiring your own kids

Blogger Logic: Steve Blank on fancy new offices
Blogger Steve Blank writes that new office space is more of a distraction than a morale booster

Business for Sale: A Minnesota Bowling Alley
This 24-lane bowling center in Duluth, Minnesota, is priced at $2.4 million

CEO Passions: Gold Prospecting
Randy Garrett, CEO of Mainline Contracting, Pans for Gold -- But He's Not in It for the Money

Innovation: A New Method of Irrigation
Absorbent Technologies creates Zeba, an agricultural superabsorbent that absorbs and releases water in soil

The Goods
Cheap Alternatives to PowerPoint
These three presentation tools, SlideRocket, Zoho Show, and Impress are like PowerPoint, only free

The Best New E-Book Readers
From the Kindle to Plastic Logic, the latest e-Book readers Launches an Escrow Service in China

The Palm Pre Takes On the iPhone 3G S
How does the new Palm Pre Smartphone stack up to the iPhone 3G S?

How Twitter Helps a CEO Run His Company
Pingg CEO Lorien Gabel praises the social networking tool Twitter for helping him gain feedback about his company

Readers Review Their Favorite Tech Tools
How entrepreneurs boost their business with Yahoo! Answers and the Verizon Network Extender

Sleep Tight -- Even in Flight
A look at the best ergonomic travel pillows

The Best Websites for Frequent Travelers
Save money and time with these travel-planning websites

The Return of the Walkman
Sony challenges the iPod Touch with its new X Series Walkman.

Things I Can't Live Without: Restaurateur Stephen Starr

Cut Costs With a New VoIP Phone

A Server That Does Double Duty
The HP MediaSmart is a good tool for home or office

A Business Guide to Energy Conservation
How to use less energy and lower your business's utility bills


Managing: Planning Now for an Economic Rebound
How companies can plan for a big comeback once the recession is over

Turning Web Browsers Into Buyers
Strategies to reduce shopping-cart abandonment and keep prospective customers on your site longer

Ivy Exec Helps People Find High-Paying Jobs Online
Now the start-up wants $1.5 million from investors, to help take on Monster and other online job sites

When the Boss Gets Cancer
What happened to a start-up when the founder discovered he was fighting cancer

How to Manage Volunteer Software Developers
Companies like Etsy use developer tools such as APIs to entice developers to build mobile applications for free

Ask Inc.: The Tradeoffs of Returning to a Home Office
An independent consultant wonders if she should trade in her office space for a virtual home office

Ask Inc.: Should a Marketing Pitch Be Focused or Comprehensive?
What's the best strategy for a sales pitch when there are many services available?

The Way I Work: Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione
The founder of Dogfish Head Craft Brewery shares a typical work day -- answering e-mails, having laid-back meetings, and of course, sharing a few beers


Norm Brodsky
Norm Brodsky

Street Smarts
Management Advice from Entrepreneur Norm Brodsky
Veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky answers readers questions about retirement, selling a business, and more.

Joel Spolsky
Joel Spolsky

How Hard Could It Be?
Joel Spolsky: The Day My Industry Died
A decade ago, everybody was starting a Web consulting business, so I did too. Then, one day, the industry died. Does that sound familiar?

Meg Cadoux Hirshberg
Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

Balancing Acts
Living with a BlackBerry Addict
Meg Cadoux Hirshberg writes about how her husband, Stonyfield Farm's Gary Hirshberg, never lets his BlackBerry leave his side.

Jeff Bailey
Jeff Bailey

Obituary: Lettuce Magnate John Tanimura, 1920-2009
Remembering John Tanimura, founder of Tanimura & Antle, the nation's biggest lettuce grower.

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