The iPhone finally faces a tough rival -- Palm's comeback device, the Pre. The Pre is a nimble multitasker, but the new iPhone 3G S offers snappier performance than its predecessor and can record video. Here's how the phones stack up.

TYPING The touch keyboard takes some getting used to. With new software, however, you can type e-mails on a larger landscape keyboard. The slide-out keyboard feels better than a touch one, but the layout is a bit cramped compared with that of most BlackBerrys.
CALENDARS AND CONTACTS The iPhone syncs with Outlook via USB. If you have Apple's MobileMe service ($99 a year) or use Exchange, it can sync wirelessly. The Pre automatically (and wirelessly) links information from sources such as Outlook and Google to provide a unified view.
MULTITASKING Only one app can be open at once. But the new notification system can deliver information in the background, such as instant messaging alerts, without draining the battery. Palm lets you have multiple programs open simultaneously and shuffle among them with ease. An elegant notification bar presents alerts without interrupting your work.
INTERNET The 3G S downloads webpages faster than the 3G, but AT&T's network is inconsistent. International data service is available. Web surfing is fast on Sprint's 3G network, but you can't use the Pre overseas. Webpages look good despite the smaller screen.
COST The 3G S costs $199.99 for 16GB or $299.99 for 32GB, and the 3G now costs $99 for 8GB. For monthly service, $89.99 includes 450 minutes, 5GB of data, and unlimited texts. The Pre comes in 8GB only and costs $199.99 after a rebate. For monthly service, $69.99 includes 450 minutes, unlimited data, and unlimited texts.