Stephen Starr is best known for his Buddakan restaurants, which have won raves for dishes like Kobe beef satay. But they are only a small part of his empire, STARR Restaurants; the Philadelphia-based company runs 19 restaurants nationwide. No wonder Starr's favorite things tend to revolve around food.

ES 9.0 Treadmill by True

"With the amount of food I eat, I have to at least make an attempt to stave off the calories. Having a treadmill in my office is quicker than going to the gym. I use it on those busy days when I'm constantly on phone calls or in meetings; I can easily jump on the treadmill and be back at my desk right afterward. (Luckily, I have a shower in my office, too.)" COST: $5,899

Big Chill Retro Refrigerator

"I love the vintage look of this old-fashioned red Frigidaire, which I have at home. If you put fancy food on a plate in a restaurant that's ugly and unappealing, you aren't getting the complete experience. I apply the same philosophy to my home kitchen; that's why I don't like any of those unattractive, high-end Sub-Zero appliances." COST: $2,695