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Our ranks swell when it comes time to produce the Inc. 500 issue. Here are the staff, interns, and contributors who made it happen

Art and Photo: Travis Ruse, photography director; Monique Perreault, deputy photo editor; Kate Spear-Brodsky, associate photo editor; Jason Mischka, deputy art director; Sarah Garcea, deputy art director; Stephanie Heimann, freelance photo editor; Blake Taylor, creative director

Editors: Rod Kurtz, senior editor; Nicole Marie Richardson, senior editor, special projects,; Bobbie Gossage, senior editor; Rick Schine, senior editor; Mike Hofman, deputy editor,; Larry Kanter, executive editor; Jim Melloan, project manager, Inc. 5000; Hannah Clark Steiman, associate editor; Alexandra Brez, managing editor; Dan Ferrara, deputy editor

Production, Interns, and Copy: Raul Aguila, intern; Alexandra Cheney, intern; Joel Froude, intern; Meredith Maines, intern; Keaton Gray, intern; Kalina Mazur, assistant managing editor; Pam Warren, copy editor; Rachel Moskovitz, editorial production manager (not pictured: Dominick Santise, production associate; Peter J. McLaughlin, copy chief; Bruce Carr, freelance copy editor)

Writers, Reporters, and Researchers: Michelle Goodman, freelance researcher; Kasey Wehrum, senior reporter and Inc. 500 coordinator; April Joyner, reporter; Lauren Bans, freelance researcher; Jason Del Rey, reporter; Miriam Gross, freelance researcher; Mia Eaton, editor, Inc. 5000; Nadine Heintz, contributing editor; Nitasha Tiku, reporter; M. David Hornbuckle, editor, Inc. 5000; Tamara Schweitzer, reporter; Margaret Dodge, editor, Inc. 5000 (not pictured: Max Chafkin, senior writer; Leigh Buchanan, editor-at-large; Bo Burlingham, editor-at-large)

Last updated: Sep 1, 2009

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