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INC. 5000

Serial Entrepreneurs: Been There, Done That

Lessons and advice from serial entrepreneurs from the 2009 Inc. 500

"Read Good to Great, by Jim Collins." -- David G. Donald, PeopleShare

"Paranoia is an asset. Test everything first. Then refine it, scale it, or kill it." -- Oran Thomas, Mpell Solutions

"1. Never mix business and family. 2. Do not leave business decisions open to interpretation." -- Bryan Zaslow, JBCStyle

"Anyone focusing on high salaries and benefits versus long-term capital gain is the wrong fit. Passion is a must." -- John Riley, Rapid Air Systems

"The customer is much smarter than we are." -- Andrew Gross, Radiation Technical Services

"Most problems are solvable if broken down into small components." -- John Baackes, Senior Whole Health

"Be prepared to put ALL the money back into the company while you are starting up." -- Adam Fried, Simply Canvas

"Always be closing." -- Lee Ferry,

"Keep it simple, measurable, and achievable." -- Gary Swart, oDesk

"Have a plan -- be frugal." -- Jason Oliver, Oompa Toys

"Take care of the people who take care of you." -- John Michael Stevens, Service Financial

"No one will work as hard as you do." -- Sam Zietz, American Bancard

"You can never quit, no matter how hard it gets." -- Chad Monnin, Mission Essential Personnel

"Begin and end your strategy with a clear understanding of your customer." -- Corey V. Torrence, Animax Entertainment

"A horrible idea with a great team is more likely to succeed than a great idea with a weak team." -- John Amato, Show Media

"Cash is king!" -- Fesum Ogbazion, Instant Tax Service

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