October 2009


The Future of Manufacturing

A New Zealand company called Ponoko has reinvented the factory for the 21st century.


Case Study: Finding the Right Price for a Hot Product

Luke Skurman's quirky college guides were a big hit. The problem was getting readers to pay. What if he gave the content away?

Who's Next

They are transforming the Web, empowering other start-ups, and turning your conference room into one big whiteboard. A sneak preview of the latest generation of ambitious entrepreneurs

The Future of the Human Body

Ten innovations that will improve quality of life—and bring down health care costs

How I Did It: Wolfgang Puck

The famed chef and restaurateur Wolfgang Puck of Spago in Hollywood reveals how he built his culinary empire

How to Protect Your Margins in a Downturn

Compare your company's performance against the latest earnings data for businesses in 12 key industries.


Street Smarts |  Norm Brodsky

The Rule of Three

Anticipating the torpedoes that can sink a deal


The Best Printers for Less Than $1,000

From the HP OfficeJet Pro to the Xerox Phaser, four top printers

The New Windows 7 Operating System

How Windows 7 compares with Vista and XP

How to Track Customers With CRM Tools

How SugarCRM and Zoho, two of the best free CRM software programs, stack up

The Best Ergonomic Keyboards

Three ergonomic keyboards to soothe aching wrists

A Netbook with Juice

The Lenovo S12 uses the same chip as the Apple MacBook and is powerful enough to run Windows 7.

The Best Guided Running Tours

Whether free or for a fee, here are five alternatives to the hotel treadmill

Book Your Next Trip Using Tripware

Make travel plans without going online with the new Tripware add-on for Microsoft Outlook

The Best Earbuds for Air Travel

Four top earbud picks for canceling out airplane noise

The Best Budget-Friendly Blu-ray Devices

How Blu-ray models from Sony, Sharp, and Panasonic stack up

Touchscreen Tunes

The latest Sonos Multi-Room Music System with a touchscreen device is refreshingly sleek

Second Opinion


CEO Passions: Outdoor Cycling

Despite a crippling bike accident, CEO of Savvy Marketing Group and avid cyclist Grace Ueng is back in the saddle


Innovation: A New Rooftop Wind Turbine

The WindTronics turbine can generate energy at low speeds.

How to Guides

How to Pick a Site for Your Business

Whether you are opening a new store, setting up a small factory, or looking to lease a branch office, these tips will help you find the right location for your business.

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