Massages and manicures can be macho. At least that's what a new breed of men-only spas is hoping to prove. Below is a sampling of locales that cater to businessmen.

JOHN ALLAN'S has a contemporary vibe, with modern furniture and flat-screen televisions throughout. Clients can shoot pool and drink complimentary beer or cappuccino while awaiting a sports pedicure ($49) or massage ($105 for one hour).
LOCATIONS: New York City and Chicago

THE BOARDROOM SALON, modeled after a traditional country club, features dark wood paneling, plush leather chairs, and chessboards. Services include "foot grooming" ($40) and a 30-minute "business massage" ($45).
LOCATIONS: Dallas and Winston-Salem, North Carolina

HALO FOR MEN caters to a hipclientele. Signature services include the Mankini bikini wax ($50) and the Multi-Tasker, during which clients receive a chair-side manicure while getting a haircut ($55).

TRUEFITT & HILL's original London location, which opened in 1805, boasts Charles Dickens and Winston Churchill as past clients. Today, customers have tea and biscuits along with their shoeshines ($6) and hot-lather shaves ($65).
LOCATIONS: Chicago, London, and Toronto