The ultimate travel accessory
Peter Homer has twice won NASA-sponsored contests for the design of a new space glove. In 2007, he won $200,000 for the gloves shown here. The finger joints are made of Dacron polyester fabric, rather than metal, as in traditional space gloves; the resulting gloves allow for easier hand movement yet are strong enough to confine a pressurized latex bladder, which is necessary to prevent the glove from ballooning in space. In November, Homer won $250,000 in another contest, for which he designed an added protective layer made of leather and Kevlar. After his first design win, Homer founded a company called Flagsuit, in Southwest Harbor, Maine. The company is designing the soft-goods components of suits for commercial space travel.

Well in Hand

The fabric gloves pictured here are suitable for use by commercial space travelers remaining inside a vehicle. An additional protective layer is required for space walks.