Michelle Roark got the idea for her Denver-based perfume company, Phi-nomenal, before competing in the 2006 Olympics with the U.S. ski team. Roark, who skis in the freestyle mogul event, began to think about the smell of success and created a line of perfumes with names such as Balance and Focus. She plans to wear Confidence if she qualifies to compete in the Vancouver Olympics this winter.


"When I'm training, gear is essential to my performance. I've been using these goggles for six years. I always wear the pink frames, but I have three different lenses, which I change depending on light conditions. I wear a glare-reducing polarized lens during the day, for instance, and a clear one when I'm competing at night." Cost: $69.99, plus $65.99 for a replacement lens


"I use this pen, which has scented ink, to write thank-you notes to customers. I include a note in each shipment. When you get something handwritten, especially in the age of e-mail, it adds a nice personal touch. Competing in an intense sporting event, and now growing a business, I've learned that the littlest things can make the biggest difference." Cost: $25