April 2010


Can Quark Turn the Corner?

Will Ray Schiavone's bold new strategy save desktop publisher Quark from suffering a collapse?

How I Did It: Jerry Murrell, Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Along with his sons, Jerry Murrell of Five Guys Burgers and Fries built a 570-store chain that enjoys a cult following.

On the Road With a Supersalesman

John "Grizz" Deal sells nuclear power to environmentalists. Is he the greatest salesperson around?

The Secret of Sales Success

What really drives salespeople to chase deal after deal? Here's some advice to help managers motivate their reps.

The Way I Work: Jon Kamen of @radical.media

Jon Kamen founded @radical.media in 1993 with Frank Scherma. Check out the way he works.


Get Real |  Jason Fried

Driven to Distraction

In his debut column, 37signals co-founder Jason Fried argues that one of the keys to success is to let your lazy side guide you.

Street Smarts |  Norm Brodsky

Norm Brodsky Answers Your Questions

A loyal employee has received an offer to buy into the business. Should he take the leap? Norm Brodsky offers his opinion.


Things I Can't Live Without: Philip Kaplan of Blippy

Essentials for this heavy-metal tech entrepreneur include an iPhone battery extender and a smoke machine.

How One Entrepreneur Uses Google Wave

Daniel Tenner of Woobius uses the software to collaborate with colleagues

Kayak's New Private Sale Service

Travel search engine Kayak is making it easier to hunt for hotel deals

The Best Solar Gadgets for Road Warriors

New ways to power up on the go

Headphones That Are Easier on the Ears

Planning a business trip that involves a long flight? Yurtopia's Yurbuds are designed to hurt less and stay put better.

Mophie's New Mobile Credit Card Reader

The marketplace, a new iPhone case by mophie, lets you collect credit card payments on the go.

4 Great New Projectors

A model for every purpose, blackout shades optional

The Best Online Event Services

One of the trickiest parts of throwing an event is sending out invitations and tracking RSVPs. Here's the skinny on three online services that can handle the tedious tasks for you.

Intel's New AppUp Center

An app store just for netbooks

Meet the iPad's Rivals

Apple's new iPad may be getting all the attention, but it's not the only noteworthy tablet hitting the market this year.

A New Way to Join the PGA Tour

The PGA Tour Club gives members and their guests access to premier golf courses, tournaments, and events.


CEO Passions: Teaching Prisoners

Brian Hamilton, co-founder and CEO of Sageworks, teaches entrepreneurship to prisoners.


Innovation: A New Kind of Bottle Sterilizer

A beam of light that kills germs in beverage bottles

How to Guides

How to Keep Tabs on the Competition

These secrets of competitive intelligence could help lessen the impact of competition on your small business.

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