Home office

Cost: Free
Focus Factor: High
Don't Forget: To be courteous to your spouse
Best For: Solitary work. Private phone calls. Wearing slippers
Avoid When: You have small children or noisy neighbors


Cost: Free
Focus Factor: Very low
Don't Forget: Your mobile broadband card
Best For: Swimming. Sunbathing. Light e-mailing
Avoid When: You have actual work to do. During hurricane season

Coffee shop

Cost: Moderate
Focus Factor: Low
Don't Forget: To tip your barista
Best For: Human contact. Casual meetings
Avoid When: You need to focus


Cost: Free
Focus Factor: Very high
Don't Forget: Headphones
Best For: Writing. Finding a good mystery novel
Avoid When: You are expecting a phone call

Co-working space

Cost: Moderate
Focus Factor: Moderate
Don't Forget: To reserve space ahead of time
Best For: A change of pace
Avoid When: You need privacy

Conventional office*

Cost: Expensive
Focus Factor: Moderate
Don't Forget: To take a shower
Best For: Meeting with clients. Collaborating. Foosball
Avoid When: You need peace and quiet

*We admit it. A few of us cheated occasionally.