1. Laptop

Given that most business software is delivered over the Internet, your choice of computer doesn't matter much. So pick one that won't be a pain to take to a meeting at Starbucks and that won't run out of juice halfway through your PowerPoint deck. The MacBook Air ($1,499) and the Dell Vostro V13 ($669) both look good and fill the bill.

2. Headset

A Skype headset will give you better sound quality than a landline phone, not to mention the use of both hands. We like the Freetalk Everyman ($23; $80 for the wireless model).

3. Smartphone

The massive library of apps for Apple's iPhone 3GS makes it a good choice ($199 with a two-year contract with AT&T). But, with a growing app library and a choice of cell-phone networks, Google's Android operating system is catching up fast. We especially like the handsome Motorola Droid ($200 with contract from Verizon).

4. Mobile broadband

Sprint's Overdrive ($100 after rebate with two-year contract) allows up to five of your employees to get online at the same time and gives you access to faster WiMAX networks.

5. Webcam

Your built-in laptop camera will work fine for casual use. But if you plan on marathon video chat sessions, invest in a Logitech Pro 9000 ($99), which delivers clear sound and a crisp picture, even in dim light.