When Kara Goldin founded Hint water in San Francisco in 2005, her plan was to keep things simple. The strategy worked: Hint water, which contains only water and a touch of natural fruit flavors, is now sold in 17,000 stores, including Whole Foods and Starbucks locations. Here are two of Goldin's favorite things.

Vado HD Pocket Video Cam

"I throw this camera in my purse and use it to shoot videos of promotional events, which I plan to post on our Facebook and Twitter pages. I also take videos of our product demonstrations at different stores and show them to new retailers as examples of successful setups. It makes for a much more interactive relationship."
COST: $230

Mosquito Magnet

"Our house in Ross, California, is surrounded by miles of hiking trails. It's beautiful, but there are a lot of mosquitoes. We have two Mosquito Magnet Executive mosquito traps that eliminate the bugs and make it more pleasant to sit in the backyard and do work or play with my four kids. I even hold business meetings outside."
COST: $720