The iPad is only a couple of months old, but there are already hundreds of apps designed for the tablet. Below are our top picks for business users.


Looking for new ways to organize ideas? This app lets you create freehand drawings with your fingertips and build diagrams by dragging and dropping elements.
COST: $49.99


Tracking flights is easy with this app, which has a zoomable route map, real-time flight updates, and the ability to show multiple flights on a screen.
COST: $9.99


Touch controls are surprisingly precise on LogMeIn's remote-access app, which you can use to tap into your main computer and access programs, edit documents, and send e-mail, all from the road.
COST: $29.99


This presentation app lets you create slide shows with photos, texts, and graphics. You can connect the iPad to a projector or TV to display your presentations; you flick through slides with your fingers.
COST: $9.99