July/August 2010


Case Study: When a Married Couple Disagree

Tom Pastorius was bored with retirement and wanted to buy back his business, Penn Brewery. Is it the right move?

How I Did It: Leslie Blodgett of Bare Escentuals

Here's how Leslie Blodgett grew her company from a tiny maker of bath and body products to a $1.7bn business.

There's No Such Thing as a Wrong Number

There's no such thing as a wrong number, says David Rosen of Grove Street Brokers. Plus: 8 more nuggets of sales wisdom.

The Way I Work: Justin Kan of Justin.tv

Justin Kan, the 27-year-old co-founder of Justin.tv, doesn't mind his lack of work-life balance.


Street Smarts |  Norm Brodsky

Read Carefully Before You Sign on the Line

Columnist Norm Brodsky advises potential borrowers to watch out for exploding interest rates.

Get Real |  Jason Fried

Managing Conflict

Columnist Jason Fried suggests that conflict, when handled the right way, can be a good thing.

Balancing Acts |  Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

To Love, Honor, and Report To

Columnist Meg Hirshberg discusses what it was like to work for her husband, CEO of Stonyfield Yogurt.


Four Great Office Coffeemakers

Good coffee can help boost office morale. So if your employees need a java jolt, check out these tested coffeemakers.

Natural Vending Machines

Vending-machine companies specialize in healthy snacks and beverages, and deliver and stock machines for free, with no rental fees.

Three Low-Cost Video Chat Services

Until recently, online video chat services have been relatively bare-bones, better suited for a call to Grandma than a client. Here are three services that are upping the ante with business-friendly features.

Four New iPhone Rivals

Jumping out ahead of the much-anticipated iPhone 4G, Apple's competitors are rolling out their own next-generation offerings. Here are four models we like.

A New Way to Scour the Web

What with blogs, social networks, and 24/7 news sites, finding and sorting through information about clients on the Web can become a full-time job. A new service called Workstreamer does the job for you.

A New and Improved Phone Stand

The story behind the invention of the ezeStand dock for smartphones

Things I Can't Live Without: Fashion Designer Lela Rose

Fashion designer Lela Rose spends a lot of her time traveling to trunk shows. Here are two of her favorite things she can't live without.

A Way to Access Travel Documents Online

AccessMyID aims to relieve the stress of losing your passport or driver’s license while traveling.

My Favorite Tool for Sharing Videos

Entrepreneur James De Julio explains how he uses SlideRocket to share presentations.

Four Set-Top Boxes

Devices from TiVo, Roku, Samsung, and popbox that turn your television into a media hub

A Water-Resistant MP3 Player

The new Sony Walkman W250 can survive a rain-soaked run or a rinse in the sink.


CEO Passions: Rowing

When Chris Ryan, founder of Geo-Solutions, realized there was no boathouse in Pittsburgh, he built one. The former MIT crew member also formed an association to help raise money for the rowing community.


Innovation: Building a Better Bottle

Novomer has developed a process that uses carbon dioxide to make affordable, eco-friendly plastic. The company's CEO expects its bottles to appear in stores in the next two years.

How to Guides

How to Optimize Your Site for Search

Want to drive more potential customers to your website? Here are some basic steps to take that will help boost your presence on the search engines.

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