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My Favorite Tool for Sharing Videos

Entrepreneur James De Julio explains how he uses SlideRocket to share presentations.

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My company provides a platform for online video collaboration, so we need a way to showcase our work to prospective clients. We can't simply embed video in PowerPoint presentations, because they would be too large to send to clients by e-mail. We started using SlideRocket in February, and it's been great.

We can create and store presentations on SlideRocket's website and send out URL links to our clients via e-mail. We invite our Google contacts directly from SlideRocket using Google Apps. Whenever we make a change to a presentation, SlideRocket automatically updates the links. We also use the service's Web meeting feature to present slide shows to our clients during videoconferences. During the meeting, a progress bar lets me know when the next slide has loaded completely on the client's desktop, so I don't move forward too quickly.

We started out with the free 30-day trial and now pay a total of $72 a month for three business accounts, which allows us to see who has viewed which parts of a slide show and for how long, then focus our follow-up efforts accordingly. Slide-Rocket helps us allocate our time appropriately, which is crucial to a resource-strapped start-up.

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Last updated: Jul 1, 2010

J.J. MCCORVEY | Staff Writer | Inc. Reporter

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