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Great Office Furniture

Looking to give your office a makeover? Check out this contemporary furniture.
Element 790 LED Task Light | Chalk Table by Puma

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Haworth Very Task Chair

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Dedon Green Wall


Office furniture designers are rolling out their 2011 lines this fall. Here are some of our favorite new products.

1. Element 790 LED Task Light
Humanscale's new desk lamp casts a bright, neutral white light, instead of the bluish-tinged light emitted by most LEDs. The bulb, which uses just 7 watts of power to produce the same amount of light as a 90-watt incandescent bulb, lasts 60,000 hours.
COST: $449

2. Chalk Table by Puma
Boost office morale with Puma's ceramic Ping-Pong table, which has a chalkboard surface for keeping score or jotting down ideas hatched in the heat of competition. The table comes with a steel chainlink net.
COST: $3,900

3. Haworth Very Task Chair
This mesh task chair has an adjustable lumbar pad and arms that move from side to side and up and down. It is LEED-certified and made with 76 percent recycled material.
COST: $880

4. Dedon Green Wall
Designed for training office-friendly plants such as philodendrons, this room divider features eight ceramic pots and a web of aluminum spindles covered in handwoven fiber. It comes in vertical and horizontal versions.
COST: $2,150

5. Kara Wireless Charging Desk by Gill Industries
Hook up your smartphone to a receiver, throw it on the Kara desk, and it charges wirelessly using a transmitter embedded in the desktop. The melamine desk comes in seven finishes, including Wood Décor.
COST: $1,946

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