October 2010


Start-Ups 2010: How to Launch Your Dream Company

Ever fantasize about making money by doing what you love? We've profiled Laura O'Neill (pictured, serving ice cream) and several others who have done just that.


Case Study: When Your Website Crashes Constantly

They had one of the fastest-growing e-commerce companies around. Then they launched a new website.

PharmaJet Finally Gets Unstuck

After years of struggle, PharmaJet is becoming the most unlikely leader in a movement to replace needles worldwide.

How I Did It: John Vechey, Founder of PopCap

John Vechey's Seattle-based company, PopCap, is on track to bring in $100 million. What's his secret to success?

The Way I Work: Michael Arrington of TechCrunch

Michael Arrington loves breaking big tech stories. His strategy: "Bust the door down and clean the mess up later."


Street Smarts |  Norm Brodsky

Who You Know Still Matters

Columnist Norm Brodsky offers his advice on how small companies can gain access to decision makers.


Five Promotional Gifts Worth Giving

There’s a new breed of high-tech giveaways that is more likely to make an impression with clients than T-shirts or umbrellas. We tested a variety of gadgets to find those that look good -- and actually work.

Three Internet Security Programs

We tested three programs to see how they performed against malware and viruses.

Three New Conference-Room Speakerphones

We tested three new speakerphones to see if they can improve the quality of conference calls.

Kinder, Gentler E-Mails

Ever send a snide e-mail you wish you had deleted instead? ToneCheck, a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, will help you self-censor your nastiest e-mail missives.

A Cosmetics Bag That Stays (and Looks) Cool

The story behind the IcyBag.

How to Find Alternative Lodging Online

These websites offer a convenient way to find short-term apartment and house rentals, and a measure of protection.

An Easier Way to Jet-Set

Think of it as Expedia for private jets. A new website called flyRuby lets you search for and book flights from a variety of charter services all in one place.

My Favorite Tool for Handling the Small Stuff

Entrepreneur Matt Heinz explains how he uses TimeSvr to deal with administrative tasks and even a few personal errands.

Things I Can't Live Without: Salon Owner Oscar Blandi

When he's not working on a celebrity client's hair, Oscar Blandi takes part in extreme sports like heli-skiing. Here are two things that he can't live without.

A Pocket-Size 3-D Camera

Looking for a camera to take 3-D panoramic photos? Consider the new Sony DSC-TX9 Cyber-shot.


CEO Passions: Orchid Cultivation

Civil engineer Chris Rehmann tends to some 1,200 orchids in his backyard greenhouse.


Innovation: Let There Be Light

One reason solar power is so expensive is that the energy-harnessing silicon wafers inside most solar panels are difficult to manufacture. 1366 Technologies is changing that.

How to Guides

How to Hire for Creativity

If you want to build an innovative company, you had better make it your business to find employees who think outside the box.

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