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My Favorite Tool for Avoiding Data Overload

Erik Kullenberg explains how he uses Threadsy to organize his e-mail and social networking accounts.

Erik Kullenberg, founder and CEO, Cake Web Services, Dallas


After I started my Web design and social media company, in 2008, I realized I needed a way to streamline communication with my clients, employees, and personal contacts. For about a year, I've been using a free Web-based service called Threadsy, which lets me access my e-mail, Twitter, and Facebook accounts in one place.

You can access Threadsy through a Web browser, but I use a Mac app called Fluid to turn it into a desktop application. I like Threadsy's intuitive layout. The right side of the screen features my Twitter and Facebook feeds aggregated into one stream. When I want to monitor my clients' social media activity, I can load their accounts into the feed as well. The left side of the screen features my inbound correspondence, including e-mails, Facebook messages, Twitter replies, and direct messages from Twitter. When I click on an e-mail from someone, his or her recent social media activity pops up in a window.

Threadsy also includes Meebo, a built-in app that lets me have quick chats with my three employees or freelance designers via Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, or Facebook. That's just one of many ways the service helps me stay on top of everything without getting overwhelmed.

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From the April 2011 issue of Inc. magazine

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