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2 New Tools for Safeguarding Your Website

Website backup made simple

Otto Steininger


Until recently, there was no simple way to back up content on a website. These new, easy-to-use tools automatically archive content regularly. To test them, we set up mock websites and deleted files to see how easily we could retrieve them.

This Web-based service works only with sites that run on the WordPress publishing platform. Setup is easy: Simply create a VaultPress account and tap in a domain name. Anytime you add new content, including blog posts, comments, media files, and photos, the service will back it up automatically on VaultPress servers in real time. You can also log on to your account to perform manual backups, get status updates, and retrieve lost content. During our test, we retrieved a deleted WordPress file in less than a minute. Cost: Starts at $15 a month per website

CodeGuard works with a variety of publishing platforms and hosting services. After creating an account and adding a domain name, you can choose to back up content to CodeGuard servers either hourly, daily, or weekly. When we deleted a file, it took an hour for the archived version to appear on, much longer than it took with VaultPress. Cost: Starts at $10 a month for one website with up to 250MB of storage

From the September 2011 issue of Inc. magazine

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