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Contour makes hands-free video cameras that can be used to stream and share videos while users engage in sports and other activities.
Marc Barros, Contour

Courtesy Company

CEO Marc Barros


For years, Marc Barros's company, then known as Twenty20, sold a simple hands-free camera for skiers. Then YouTube took off, and Barros sought to take advantage of the buzz. Though strapped for cash, he persuaded a design firm to develop a prototype for the first line of Contour cameras, which let users share video with a push of a button. Since then, the company has addressed newer trends such as geolocation; its latest product can capture the location of users' videos. It also syncs video with the user's smartphone. Nor has the discontinuation of the once wildly popular Flip camcorder, which many see as evidence that consumers are ready to give up on all dedicated cameras in favor of smartphones, fazed Barros. "I think mobile has helped us a lot," he says. "It's a great complement to our product."

From the September 2011 issue of Inc. magazine

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