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3 Travel Reward Cards

A look at three travel reward credit cards with added perks, like generous sign-up bonuses

Francesco Bongiorni


Amid heated competition, credit card companies are rolling out travel reward cards with added perks, including generous sign-up bonuses. Here are three to consider.

Citi Gold AAdvantage Visa Signature card
You will get 20,000 bonus miles if you charge at least $750 within four months of signing up for this card, which lets you redeem points for American Airlines tickets. Other features include luggage coverage and rental car insurance. RECENT APR: 15.24 percent COST: $50 a year after the first year

Capital One Venture card
This Visa card gives you two miles for every dollar spent. You can redeem miles for a variety of travel expenses, including airline tickets from any carrier and hotel rooms. You will get 25,000 miles if you charge at least $1,000 in the first three months. RECENT APR: 13.9 percent COST: $59 a year after the first year

Marriott Rewards Premier Visa Signature card
A partnership with Chase, this card lets you redeem points with Marriott or Hertz. It doles out five points for every dollar spent at a Marriott, two points for other travel expenses, and one point for every other dollar spent. You will get one free night at a Marriott and 50,000 points for signing up. RECENT APR: 15.24 percent COST: $85 a year after the first year

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