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3 Tools for Conducting Video Interviews

Need to interview a potential employee via the Internet? Check out the latest tools for smooth video chats.

Face-to-face interviews often are the most time-consuming part of the hiring process. A new crop of services aims to streamline the process by letting you conduct online video interviews with candidates. Here's the skinny on three of them.

1. Take the Interview. This service lets candidates record video responses to interview questions. On its site, you can create a job posting, add questions, and set a time limit for responses. Then, you e-mail the interview URL to candidates, who can record answers using any webcam. You can review the responses online and e-mail video links to colleagues. During our test, videos looked sharp and almost filled our computer screen.

COST: Starting at $99 for one posting with multiple candidates

2. GreenJobInterview. Unlike Take the Interview, this service lets you conduct live virtual interviews. After scheduling a meeting, you e-mail the candidate a link to an online interview room, along with a telephone call-in number. When the interview starts, as many as 15 other people can join in. On the downside, you cannot record videos to replay or share with colleagues. Test videos looked crisp and clear and filled most of our screen.

COST: Starting at $69 for an interview with one candidate lasting up to 30 minutes

3. JobOn. A twist on a traditional job-listing website, JobOn lets companies post open positions and receive video responses to application questions. First, you create a listing on JobOn and add questions. You can share a link to the post by e-mail or embed it on your company's website. Then, log on to JobOn to view the responses. We liked the concept, but our test videos looked small and washed out.

COST: Free for responses from up to 10 candidates, then starting at $25 a month for up to 25 responses

IMAGE: Dante Terzigni
Last updated: Jan 24, 2012

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