May 2012

COVER STORY Where Did Our Love Go?

The partners behind the onetime "next big thing" go to SXSW to woo back the tech world--and learn how to make their partnership work.


Disruption Comes (Finally!) to Commercial Real Estate

How Jason Freedman and 42Floors cooked up a killer business idea that could turn commercial real estate on its head.

This Man Can't Stop Innovating

The genius of Moses Kizza Musaazi: He's an inventor, entrepreneur, fixer of things that are broken in the troubled country of Uganda.


Street Smarts |  Norm Brodsky

How to Handle Employee Sabotage

Not all employees resign gracefully. Some try to sabotage your company on their way out. Here's how veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky deals with it.

Street Smarts |  Norm Brodsky

Buying a Business? Expect the Unexpected

If you're considering buying a business, consider veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky's advice first.

Street Smarts |  Norm Brodsky

How to Deal with Late Payments

When times are tough, customers take longer to pay their bills. You can count on it. Veteran entrepreneur Norm Brodsky says that's the wrong time to start thinking about how to deal with it.

Get Real |  Jason Fried

How to Avoid the Upgrade Backlash

Sure, you can upgrade your product, but can you make your current customers actually like it? Turns out, it's a bit trickier than we thought.


Things I Can't Live Without: Eric Villency, CEO Villency Design Group

A design maven takes his style on the road. Check out his favorite things.

3 Apps for On-Demand Limos

Your own driver, wherever, whenever. There's an app for that.

You Lost Your Phone. Now What?

For most entrepreneurs, their phone is much more than just a phone. It's a lifeline. Here are tools for protecting and defending it.

4 Best Lightweight Laptops

Better, stronger, faster: Check out the second-gen laptops that are giving MacBook Air a run for its money.

Best Tools for an iPad Presentation

Need to nail a presentation? Here are a few tools you should know about.

3 Great Portable Projectors

Here are three portable projectors perfect for your next presentation.

Modcloth: Getting Customers to Design Their Own Clothes

It seems like a lofty goal, but bringing fashion-design to the masses is the mission of Eric Koger and Susan Gregg Koger, the founders of ModCloth, an online retailer.

Come Fly With Me: Desert Jet

In 2007, Denise Wilson launched Desert Jet, a private jet charter service. Now, business is really taking off.

Recognizing Great Ideas From the Developing World

Innovation isn't the trickle-down process we often imagine it to be. Two authors envision the developing world as a fertile research-and-development lab for companies in any market.

Bringing a Muslim Culinary Tradition Mainstream

Think "halal" is a just a dietary restriction? Adnan Durrani, the founder of American Halal, wants to change the definition.

How We Founded myYearbook

It's one of the 25 most-trafficked webites in the U.S., and it was founded by a pair of siblings in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Catherine and Geoff Cook explain how they did it.

Innovation in House Painting? That's Right

Brian Scudamore is creating 1-888-WOW-1DAY!, a national franchise that promises to paint your whole house in a day.

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