September 2012


Meet No. 1: Oleg Firer of Unified Payments

Here's how a poor immigrant kid from Brooklyn wound up running Unified Payments, No. 1 on the Inc. 500 list this year.


6 Classic Ways to Crash Your Company

Every fast-growth company eventually runs into at least one of these all-too-common obstacles. Here's how to handle them.

The Rise & Fall & Rise (Again) of David Steinberg

He rose to the top of the Inc. 500, then failed spectacularly. Now he's back with another fast-growing company.

No Succession Plan & an Uncertain Legacy

An untimely death and no succession plan left Michelle Taylor at the helm of her mother's company, Betah Associates, with no oars.

Private Again and On the Move

Blackboard CEO Michael Chasen has loved every minute of taking his company public and then back to being private--while maintaining growth along the way.

Still Growing, Still Independent, Still Happy

Elizabeth Elting has grown Transperfect Translations by over 30 percent annually since 2000 without a dime of outside funds--and she plans to keep it that way.

Shaking Up the Healthy Foods Category, Again

Former WhiteWave CEO, Steve Demos, is back at it, taking his upstart Nextfoods to new levels of growth--this time with a touch more Yoda.

Set a Remarkable Goal, Then Blow It Away

William Roetzheim launched one company and sold it for millions. Now he wants to do it again and again and then again.

The Difference Between Success and Significance

When Oie Osterkamp's run at success ended with the demise of his company Job Strategies, he found greater significance from helping others.


 |  Steve Blank

Transforming Scientists Into Entrepreneurs

Our nation's research labs hold a wealth of untapped innovation. But how do you bridge the gap between science and start-up?

 |  Norm Brodsky

Partnership or S Corp?

One concern is taxes; another is protecting assets. What's the best way to set up your business?

 |  Norm Brodsky

The Problem With Your Accountant

Tens of thousands of CPAs make a living doing returns for small-business clients. They're missing a great opportunity.

 |  Norm Brodsky

When to Cut a Customer

How much leeway should you give a client who's not paying his bills?

 |  Meg Cadoux Hirshberg

Living With Doubt (& Doubters)

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? It's tough to stay confident when your spouse loses faith in your business.

 |  Jason Fried

Why I Gave My Company a Month Off

Entrepreneur Jason Fried says when he gave employees a break from their daily routine, he saw a spark in creativity company-wide.


The Best New Office Furniture

Designs with flex and function.

Say Goodbye to Junk Email

Check out two new tools that can help you tame your overflowing inbox.

Is Your Smartphone Disaster Proof?

You've shelled out plenty for your cell phone. Keep it safe from harm with one of these rugged cases.

Why I Wasted a Perfectly Good Doctorate

Patrick Mish quit a high-profile engineering job to start electronics accessories company M-Edge. He says it was all his wife's fault.

No Time Like the Present

Why were so many Inc. 500 companies founded during the recession? Because a good idea is more powerful than a bad environment.

Why I Stopped Giving It Away

Becoming a hero among Web developers was cool, but it didn't actually pay. So Dries Buytaert went out and built a company.

How We Turned a Wedding in a Baseball Stadium Into an Ad Firm

Dave and Carrie Kerpen were inspired to start events and marketing firm Likeable Media after they got sponsors to fund their wedding.

Why I Could Not Have Done It Alone

Kathy Mills of Strategic Communications says failing is tough when you're surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs that have your back.

How I Learned to Love Diesel

Jayme Hall runs a diesel parts and accessories company. It's a good thing she doesn't mind getting her designer clothes dirty.

Why I'm Still Getting My Hands Dirty

He got rich flipping houses, became famous doing it on TV ... and then Armando Montelongo really hit his stride.

Why I Love Giving Second Chances--to People and Machines

Michael Dadashi uses his electronics resale business to save lives, literally, by hiring recovering alcoholics to work for his company.

Why I Thrive Under Pressure (& Why My Clients Do, Too)

Mike Comer took his knowledge of diving equipment and launched Wound Care Advantage, a business helping people suffering from nonhealing wounds.

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