Over the holidays be sure to watch Inc.'s best videos of the year. You'll get inspiration and advice from Richard Branson and Barbara Corcoran, learn the amazing personal start-up story of Alexis Ohanian--and how he coped with his mother's terminal cancer at the same time he started Reddit--as well as new strategies for how to hire top talent, spread the word about your company on social media, and identify your next business opportunity. To determine Inc.'s best videos of 2012, we considered a combination of those that garnered the most plays, the most likes, shares, and comments on social media--as well as votes from our on-staff editors. The selected videos here run the gamut from short conversational clips to a mini Trep Life documentary with Chicago serial entrepreneur and investor Howard Tullman. Enjoy.

At a certain point, ignore the naysayers and just act. That's what Sir Branson did--at age 15.