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5 Crazy Simple Tips to Keep Customers Close

It's not rocket science: Check out what you can do to keep your customers by your side.

Brian Guttman, designer for Jeremy Argyle, has built a $5 million business with an unbelievable following. Below he offers tips to keep customers coming back and dedicated to your brand. 

1. Know your true customers. Wholesalers, distributors, retailers, e-commerce partners--you may sell to them, but don't forget, the end user is your true customer. 

2. Go where they live. Spend time every day on the floor, on the phone, or on your website; you can't respond to what you don't hear. 

3. Embrace the vertical. Check in often with everyone else who's a key link in the customer chain: designers, suppliers, logistics crews, etc. 

4. Plant your flag, then adapt. Your core concept should be a base for constant improvement. Make use of customer feedback, and keep refining. 

5. Make customer satisfaction your vision. Design, especially self-indulgent design, isn't the ultimate destination; usability and customer satisfaction is. 

For an interview with Guttman, click here.

From the July/August 2013 issue of Inc. magazine

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